Welcome to Dreaming to Live!

archetypes in dreamsFor the past 10 years, I”ve been on an exciting, often challenging, journey learning from my dreams.

My dreams showed me how shut-down and defensive I had become as a way to feel safe in the world. They gave me the gift of feeling loved and supported in ways that I had never known in my life. They took me into scenes of trauma to help me understand why I felt so unsafe and threatened.

Archetypes are figures in our dreams who are sometimes supportive, loving, nurturing, and sometimes annoyingly persistent and provocative. They come to teach us, sometimes gently, sometimes fiercely, and always with the intention of guiding us toward becoming our authentic selves.

Working with my dreams has changed me. Learning to feel the love and support of the Archetypes in my dreams, I now know that love deeply inside me. In my life, even in moments when trauma memories resurface, this love is with me and I am supported to stay present. I have learned to trust again, to receive love and to be open to the unexpected.

My learning continues every night as the Archetypes work with me and guide me.

I invite you to enter the sacred world of your dream journey.’